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The Test & Measurement community uses a variety of sensor technologies.  Among these are ICP® (Voltage Mode), PE (Charge Mode), MEMS (Bridge Type), Strain Gage (Bridge Type) and Capacitive sensors.  These sensors normally require a power source, as well as some level of amplification.  In many cases, High Pass or Low Pass filtering may be required.  Certain test, troubleshooting, R&D, equipment certification testing may require the integration of the measured data.  PCB manufactures multiple versions of signal conditioners. In-line charge converters, low noise battery powered conditioners, AC line powered conditioners are available. PCB® offers single channel through multi-channel electronics to fulfill small channel to large channel data system needs.

Battery-powered ICP® sensor signal conditioners provide a portable method for powering low impedance, piezoelectric sensors with built-in or in-line electronics, especially in field, low-noise or test and evaluation applications. The output from the signal conditioner couples piezoelectric ICP®sensors to standard readout instrumentation. These models are available in several configurations including: gain, integrating and multichannel. All units provide an AC coupled output and have a meter to monitor sensor operation and detect cable faults. Most operate from standard 9-Volt alkaline batteries.

Line-powered ICP® sensor signal conditioners supply constant current excitation to piezoelectric sensors with built-in or in-line electronics and couple them to oscilloscopes, analyzers, recorders and other readout instruments. Several configurations are available including: single and multi-channel, AC coupled output, AC/DC coupled output, gain, filtering, computer control, and overload indication. All models incorporate meters or LED's to monitor sensor operation and detect cable faults. Most models have adjustable constant current excitation (2 to 20 mA) to power piezoelectric ICP® sensors as well as provide more current for driving long cables at high frequencies, like in high frequency shock or blast wave measurements.

Multi-channel ICP® sensor signal conditioners mount conveniently into standard 19-inch rack enclosures to easily manage multiple channels of piezoelectric sensors with built-in or in-line electronics. The output from the signal conditioner couples to most standard readout instruments for vibration, shock and blast, continuous monitoring and long cable driving applications. These multichannel signal conditioners are AC powered and are available in several configurations including: 8 and 16-channel versions with unity gain, continuously adjustable gain, filtering, integration, cable fault detection, overload indication and computer control.

PCB Offer:

  • Battery-Powered ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners
  • DC-Powered ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners
  • Line-Powered ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners
  • Multi-Channel ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners
  • DC-Coupled ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners
  • Modular-Style ICP® Sensor Signal Conditioners
  • In-Line ICP®-Powered Charge Converters
  • Industrial Charge Amplifiers
  • Differential Charge Amplifiers
  • In-line Bridge Converters
  • MEMS Sensor Signal Conditioners


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